7 Lessons for Creating & Managing a High Performance IT Organization

Every IT Leader should be able to answer four questions regarding their responsibilities: are we doing the right things, are we doing them the right way, are we doing them well, and are we achieving the expected benefits? As you begin the planning process for next year, keeping these questions in mind will help ensure success.

Though the name of the model may vary, the objective of an IT leader is Plan - Build - Run. The process begins with planning and defining strategy, then building and delivering excellence, and finally running and improving operations.

However, the IT Leader is often faced with challenges that require a new strategy or change in direction. The challenges may come from strategic initiatives such as enterprise reorganization, or informational influences such as new industry data, or business events such as a new CEO or an unplanned merger.

Whatever challenges face the IT leader, there are lessons learned from those that have faced these challenges before, lessons for being prepared to deal with the unexpected.

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