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You know that planning and implementing enterprise technology solutions comes with many challenges. Understanding your current environment, creating a solution roadmap, and seeing first-hand how a solution works in your environment is essential to reducing overall project costs and realizing long-term value for your technology investments.

Third-party objective information gathered from Technology Assessments provide invaluable input for strategic decisions. Understanding your current environment and key business drivers will help your team determine the value and ultimate success of technology projects.

Once your roadmap is complete and you begin to build a business case for specific enterprise solutions, a Proof of Concept (POC) provides a hands-on environment for your stakeholders to explore a solution before committing to a significant investment. POCs enable you to evaluate core functionality of the solution with your own data and determine how the solution will work in your specific environment.

Intellinet offers several cost-effective, short-term consulting engagements designed to help you better understand and maximize the value of technology solutions. These Jumpstart Solutions provide Assessments, POCs, Planning Sessions, and Workshops for solution areas including; Strategy & Process, Business Intelligence & Data Management, Portals & Collaboration, Application Strategy & Development, and Core Infrastructure.

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