Intellinet's Health & Wellness Program

Intellinet's Health & Wellness Program

It is important to Intellinet that employees are able to enjoy a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Intellinet offers a Health and Wellness Program to help employees achieve a well-balanced employment experience. One of the exciting quarterly contributions to our Health and Wellness Program is our Quarterly 5K! Each Quarter, Intellineters have the option to participate in the chosen local, charitable 5K Race. For many of us, completing such a race is a huge accomplishment and requires training, commitment and hard work, just like completing a sucessful project does!

Intellinet pays the entry fee for the Quarterly race of choice, in hopes that employees will step up to the challenge toward a healthy lifestyle and enjoy doing so alongside colleagues and friends. Some of us walk and some of us run, but our prize is completion and sharing the stories of the race afterward with friends.

Our Q3 Quarterly 5K is TODAY! We will be attending the Kaiser Permantente Corporate Walk/Run at Turner Field. We are so excited to have our 3rd 5K race! Wish us good luck as we sport our Blue Intellinet Athletic Club T-Shirts and enjoy the beautiful weather!

This is a picture of some of the runners from the Q2 5K Event in Dunwoody.

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