Extending SharePoint to All Your Users

First released in 2001, SharePoint has become the most commonly deployed collaboration tool for enterprises and emerging businesses alike. The promise of SharePoint has always been collaboration for all an organization's users: internally, across all domains and externally with contractors, partners and/or customers. Yet, the complexities of managing identities across all these types of users have been difficult and costly to overcome. How do organizations provide single sign-on or automate account provisioning/deprovisioning for users that aren't in their corporate directories?

Click here to view the latest webinar from Okta and Intellinet where we discuss how Okta enables organizations to overcome these security and productivity challenges to quickly and easily extend SharePoint to all user types, regardless of which domains they're members of, or even if they're not in the corporate employee directory. You'll learn how to enable your SharePoint projects to be much more cost-effective, reach more users, and deliver greater value to an enterprise.

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