End of Support for Older Versions of Internet Explorer Coming Soon

On January 16, 2016, the only version of Internet Explorer that will be supported by Microsoft will be Internet Explorer 11.  Microsoft will also continue support for the new Microsoft Edge browser that is part of Windows 10.  It is recommended that all customers running older versions of Internet Explorer upgrade to the most recent version, or Internet Explorer 11, on Windows 7 or newer operating systems.

The retirement of older operating systems and products is nothing new however, corporate IT departments often run into compatibility issues when they don’t upgrade all components that rely on the older version.  For instance, many companies still utilize Internet Explorer 9 and 10 for timecards, internal messaging boards, or business critical applications.  Those back end applications that rely on a specific version of Microsoft Internet Explorer will need to be upgraded to allow for use in a newer version. 

As we say goodbye to the older versions of Internet Explorer, you should take time to review all internal applications and processes to see what reliance you have on old versions of Intrenet Explorer.  Once older versions of Internet Explorer hit end of life, your vulnerability will increase as Microsoft cannot promise security on these older browsers. 

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