Don't Trip at the Finish Line: 3 Key Ways to Avoid Software Release Failures

You’ve been working on developing a business critical software product.  You’ve invested time, money, and resources and spent months planning, building, and testing.  You are finally ready to release to market and start generating revenue for your business when you fall short of the finish line due to an issue with the platform – whether it is inconsistency of environments or perhaps a lack of capability in necessary skills or tools.   It’s devastating and completely avoidable.

By implementing, optimizing, or reengineering your DevOps processes, you can more efficiently and cost effectively move from software concept to achieving business value realization.  

  1. 1. Assemble the right team: Your product development team should include business stakeholders, developers, testers, as well as infrastructure and operations members.  The team should be driven by a well-communicated common goal and measured against the common objectives.  
  2. 2. Design for Security & Mobility Upfront: An effective DevOps process needs to take into consideration both security and mobility concerns for the application and customer experience both locally and internationally as appropriate.  
  3. 3. Ensure Your Architecture Supports Your Processes: The biggest pitfall I’ve seen in achieving speed to market are issues with the software architecture itself which can actually be a barrier to efficient DevOps.  How you build your application is a critical factor.  A best in class DevOps processes is facilitated by sound, architectural, and development disciplines.  
Identifying the best area to improve DevOps requires an investigation of your current processes. Success will be determined by your ability to view development processes, business processes, and deployment methodologies as a collaborative activity across your organization.  Learn more about how Intellinet can help accelerate your DevOps journey at

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