AAA Empowers Users with Dynamic Dashboards & Reports

AAA Empowers Users with Dynamic Dashboards & Reports

AAA of the Carolinas needed a business intelligence and intranet solution to provide dashboards and reporting for the membership, Emergency Roadside Service, call center, and support functions divisions. With data located in 21 different sources, pulling information for reports was often inaccurate and time consuming. To support the growing needs of the organization, AAA engaged with Intellinet to build a platform to centralize data for more accurate results.

The solution leveraged mainstream Microsoft technologies such as SQL Server, SharePoint, and Performance Point Services. After conducting an assessment of AAA's business needs, Intellinet was engaged to design and deliver several business intelligence dashboards on a custom intranet. In addition, Intellinet provided architecture, design, security, and SharePoint configuration expertise.

The new BI portal improved AAA's standard reporting by aggregating information in one centralized place rather than several disparate locations. By creating a secure intranet, users are now able to access the data both on-site and remotely.

The portal's dynamic dashboards have enabled the team flexibility and freedom to create ad hoc reports without having to go through the IT department. Since business users can run and develop their own reports from one data source, reporting errors have been eliminated and the time to create reports has been reduced from one month to one day. By using a familiar Excel environment, users can customize charts and graphs to interpret the data as they need. In addition, business users are now able to make predictions using the tool's trend analysis capabilities.

With the newly designed platform, accurate information is now available across lines-of-business. By eliminating duplicative and incorrect member data, the AAA team is better able to serve their internal and external customers.

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