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Bridge the gap between people, process, and technology.

The pandemic has caused increased uncertainty forcing organizations to focus on operational efficiency and increase spending on digital transformation. Organizations feel the crunch to move forward fast, but they are unsure where to start. Does this sound like your organization?

Hyperautomation Framework


Process Mining

Create a better understanding of process flows, bottlenecks, and breakdown points. Learn possible optimization and automation points.


Business Process Optimization

Leverage business process improvement with Lean Six Sigma methodologies to analyze and redesign end-to-end processes with technology.
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Technology Toolbox

A toolbox approach of RPA, IA, AI, and ML technologies to optimize business processes, governance, efficiency, and analytics. Examples: Akabot, Blue Prism, FPT.AI, Automation Anywhere, Azure Tools.

OCM Techniques

Change management methodology to increase business engagement and adoption to mitigate adoption risk. OCM improves employee satisfaction and motivation.


a comprehensive automation solution

Helps businesses overcome scalability challenges with full services, mini solutions, and competitive licensing costs.

Our Bots Work Hard So You Don't Have To

Processes Automated

Countries & Territories

Languages Supported

Working Hours Saved

Our End-to-End Platform

We ensure complete and successful RPA deployment which includes: assessment, implementation, training, and 24/7 maintenance and operation, which makes it easier, faster and more cost-efficient for our clients.
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  • Identify and prioritize processes
  • Evaluate and select tool strategy/roadmap
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  • Design and build robot
  • Integration with OCR, Chatbot, Voice and AI
  • Build an RPA Center of Exellence
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Maintenance and Support 

  • Operate, monitor and maintain 24/7
  • Support Change Management
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  • On and offline training platforms
  • Flexible content and levels

Proven Results

productivity boost


Productivity Boost

With akaBot virtual assistants, employees are liberated from mundane and repetitive daily tasks. Their effort is re-focused on tasks requiring high-level cognitive thinking, therefore creating significant value for the organization.
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Processing Time Cut

akaBot deploys the most hard-working bot assistants, who run non-stop 24/7, 365 days a year without fail. Time-consuming tasks are now automated 10 times faster.
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Operating Cost Savings

akaBot optimizes your operational costs by automating processes such as on-boarding, IT, BO, etc. with the average automation rate of 73 percent.
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Current System Interfering

With a fast and simple implementation, akaBot requires no changes in the current IT infrastructure at a high-security level.

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