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A Trusted Partner to Healthcare & MedTech Companies

With more than 15 years of experience in digital health, FPT Software has become a trusted partner of more than 50 medical institutions worldwide, including IHH Healthcare, Hitachi Aloka and MedAdvisor. We provide information technology outsourcing (ITO) and digital transformation (DX) services to optimize internal and customer-facing systems, bringing forward critical improvements and measurable business values.

Highly experienced in virtual healthcare, AI and data analytics, FPT Software has helped global organizations strengthen their healthcare capabilities. One of FPT Software's prominent projects involves developing an AI-powered system that analyzes patients' movement to help detect early signs of immobility, joint conditions, and stroke with an accuracy rate of 95% - a significant increase from pre-tech solutions.

Digital Transformation in Healthcare


Smart Medical Diagnosis

Using machine learning/deep learning (AI) to identify and diagnose lung cancer, skin diseases, muscle and fat measurement, and more through CT images.

Medical Information System

  • Patient management system, pharmacy management system, etc.
  • E.g: FPT eHospital

Personal Health Management System

Digital health platform for IoT medical devices. Apply AI/big data for data analysis/insights.

Software Development for Medical Equipment

  • Radiology Imaging
  • Equipment Medical
  • Testing Equipment
  • Medical Treatment Support Equipment

Nursing care system

Develop systems to suppport management, collaboration and communication of patients, caregivers, admins of nursing home or in-home care support.

Insurance for Healthcare

Develop systems to leverage the management of the claim process (claim, review, payment, etc.)

Why FPT?

a doctor holding a stethoscope

Over 15 years of experience in digital health, trusted by world’s top medical makers and medical information system providers

women sitting at a table looking at a laptop

1,100+ High-skill and talented resources in healthcare

a person using a laptop

Innovative in technology and certified by technology partners (Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, IBM, Predix, etc.)

Full life cycle IT services at various size, following strict quality control and industrial standards (IEC-62304, Design Controls, etc)

Applying Technology to Streamline Healthcare

When it comes to constantly higher quality patient care, there's no overlooking the latest technology to improve operational efficiencies and drive down costs.

Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things



Embedded Systems

Artificial Intelligence

Embedded Medical Devices - CT Scanner, MRI Scanner

Internet of Things

IoT Full Stack Solution for Patient Health Monitoring


Cloud-based Healthcare Systems


Electronic Medical Record and Real-time Alerting

Embedded Systems

Embedded Medical Devices - CT scanner, MRI scanner

About the first five years collaborating with FPT Software, we are extremely satisfied. Three words which I attribute to FPT Software would be "Solidarity," "Ambition," and "Leadership."

Mr. Toshihiko Kawano

Hitachi Aloka Japan

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