Contract Management Automation (CMA) Solutions


Better Manage the Contract Lifecycle

Every business has contracts. Most still rely on manual and paper-based methods to create, edit, and track contract execution and then struggle with searching and retrieving contracts when needed. Contract management solutions enables companies to automate essential processes to better management the contract lifecycle and satisfy auditing requirements.

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Key Benefits

Personalized Dashboard

Portal-style design identifies users and presents relevant data (tasks, contracts, actions, etc.)

e-Approval Process

Standardized for consistent operations

  • Automated routing and tracking throughout all stages of the contract lifecycle
  • Template driven best practices
  • Improved transparency, accountability, and process awareness through all stages
  • Bottlenecks identification and ability continuously refine process
  • Email notifications & reminders to drive process
  • Tracking & logging provides comprehensive audit trails

Collaborative Communication & Mobile Experience

Utilizing Microsoft Yammer

  • Contextual conversations that drive quicker business decisions
  • User centric design promotes team collaboration resulting in faster processing times
  • Minimize or eliminate disparate email conversations from the business decision process

Comprehensive Oversight of Entire Contract Lifecycle

  • Predefined and custom reporting for all contracts at any stage of the process
  • Real-time, comprehensive contract portfolio status

Custom Reporting Capability

  • Report against any data in the system
  • Empower users to create their own reports

Secure Document Management

  • Manage multiple documents per contract with document-level version control
  • Enable multiple people to collaborate and markup a document at the same time (co-authoring)

Find Contracts Quickly 

  • With enterprise search technology
  • Search refinement- narrow your search results with one click

User Friendly

Requires minimal training.


Intellinet's CMA solution is fully customizeable with a design tailored to fit your company's brand.
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Intellinet’s CMA solution introduces a new way to manage your contracts

Built on top of Microsoft SharePoint and utilizing Nintex workflows, our custom CMA solutions are a highly collaborative approach to contract lifecycle management. By automating the process from submission and review to final approval and renewal, the CMA system provides the structure your contract data’ needs to fulfill the oversight, reporting, security, and auditing requirements of any organization. In addition, our unique implementation of Yammer (Microsoft’s enterprise social computing platform) integrates ‘Contract Feeds’ into your contract management process, breaking down communication barriers and providing a whole new way to collaborate.
I have tried my share of off-the-shelf products with little success. As our contracts at Carbonite have reached an all-time high, and the need for mining data about those contracts is increasingly important, we needed to solve this problem quickly, efficiently and well. So, instead of continuing to vet separate products/platforms and dealing with the additional cost as well as support, we partnered with [Intellinet], a local Microsoft Partner, to design and implement a custom solution in SharePoint. The result is that we have been processing all contracts as well as back-entering contracts for almost 6 months now and are extremely pleased with the results (and our auditors are pleased as well).

Danielle Sheer

VP, GC of Carbonite

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