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Our Service Offerings

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Digital Lab

  • MBI Provisioning
  • Solution Mapping
  • Solution Development
  • Solution Migration

Cloud Assessment

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud Provider Assessment
  • Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment
  • Application Migration Assessment

Transformation & Innovation

  • Lift & Shift Migration
  • App & Data Modernization
  • Cloud Native Development
  • Containerization/APIfication
  • BI & Data Analytics
  • DevOps/DevSecOps

Operation & Optimization

  • Multi-Cloud Managed Services
  • Cloud Security Assurance
  • Cloud Optimization Services
  • Cloud Automation Services

The Accelerator for Any Cloud Journey

FPT CloudSuite is a multi-cloud tool developed by our Cloud Experts that offers a wide range of unique and innovative features to enterprises. The product allows users to create on-demand cloud environments in just a few clicks, optimize cloud expenses, as well as monitor security compliance, meeting up to 13 industry compliance standards. With 50+ business cases available in the Digital Lab, FPT CloudSuite provides valuable references that help guide the audience through how to perform complex tasks securely and efficiently on the cloud.

Why CloudSuite

  • 20-30% Greater Operational Efficiency
  • 20-30% Decreased Security Risk
  • 80% Cost Optimization
  • 5 times faster to build a standard environment
  • 3 times faster to find relevant bisiness cases

Our Partners

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Why FPT/Intellinet

Business Agility

Our best practice shortens your time to market
  • 3 times faster to find relevant business cases
  • 5 times faster on preparing the environment
  • 25-40% faster development
  • 15-30% cheaper implementation cost

Best-Of-Breed Service Quality

Our well-architected framework ensures outstanding performance

  • Improve 10-30% of Service Quality
  • Reduce security risks by 20%-30%
  • Improve operation efficiency by 20-30%

Cost Benefits

Our optimization framework and expertise enable businesses to achieve cost efficiency

  • 10-25% Cloud total cost of ownership optimization
  • Reduce 30-60% common pitfalls
  • Low-cost data storage for archiving

Pitfalls To Avoid

Our 20+ years of experience keeps you safe from perils along the journey

  • Hybrid cloud integration complexity
  • Costly and time-consuming migration
  • Anticipated cost savings don't materialize
  • Vendor lock-in
  • Data security and privacy
  • Compliance and regulatory risks

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