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Blockchain Benefits

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Participants must agree to follow the same rules, making it a self-auditing eco-system
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Provides historical record tracking and traceability of digital assets


Recorded transactions cannot be readily modified, appended, or erased
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Designed to be resilient to attacks

Blockchain Team

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High Skilled Blockchain Engineers


Full Stack Web/App Developers

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Blockchain Case Studies

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A Seamless Transition To Cloud

FPT Software provided automated tools and managed services to ensure that client's AWS infrastructure and end-user technical support would be in good hands.
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Digital Content Display Systems to Improve Customer Engagement

FPT Software was tasked with developing the customer-facing application and designing the AWS-based infrastructure to ensure fulfillment of business requirements and facilitate future enhancements.
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AWS Managed Services for a Leading Japanese Online Market

FPT Software brought self-developed internal platforms and tools to maintain and monitor their whole system including EC2 amazon linux server, Oracle databases, MySQL databases, SVN, Gitbucket, Redmine.
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Budget-fit Cloud-based Infrastructure for a  Japanese Company

FPT Software was entrusted with the task of implementing SAP Business One in the cloud for the client's Accounting Department.
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Security Token Offering as the Future of Fundraising

Our blockchain-based system helps to manage healthcare payments more reliably, make medical history accurate and available for prompt treatment while supporting fraud detection.
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Blockchain Bill of Lading and Payment with Libra

Many failed attempts to digitalize Bill Of Lading due to lack of trust in the centralized system. We provide solutions that cut cost and human error. Payment with crypto currency is instant, safe and almost free!
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Cold Chain IoT Tracking

Near real-time data of storage conditions such as temperature, humidity, and location are stored on immutable blockchain which increases transparency and efficiency.


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