Banking & Finance

20+ Years of Industry-Specific Expertise

FPT is a trusted partner to over 80 clients in the banking & financial industry, including many Fortune 500 companies. We provide ITO and DX services to optimize internal and customer-facing systems, bringing critical improvements and business value to our client's operations.

Areas of Focus

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Digital Banking Service

  • Online Mobile Banking
  • Online Payment
  • Digital Mortgage Lending
  • eClosing, eMortgage
  • Digital Lending
  • Communication Messaging
  • Payment Gateway
  • KYC
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  • Digital Title Insurance
  • Modernization Core P&C and Life Insurance System
  • Customer 360 View
  • Reward Network on Blockchain
  • Digital Auto Insurance Payment
  • Social Insurance


Capital Market

  • Securities Back-Office System
  • Derivatives
  • Digital Micro Investment
  • Asset Management Private Equity Tools
  • Wealth Management Platform
  • Personal Finance

Digital Transformation in Banking & Finance

Digital Transformation enables the reinvention of business processes and business models using Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Big Data, Advanced Analytics, and other digital technologies to drive business growth, improve customer and employee experience, and create new value for businesses in the digital age.


Robotic Process Automation

Digital Technology


  • KYC - Know your Customer
  • Mortgage Lending/Title Insurance
  • Securities Trading
  • Loyalty Management/Reward Network
  • Health Insurance Claim Smart Wallet


  • Remittance Process
  • Bank Card Investigation Process
  • Order Process for Insurance Agent/Sale
  • Operation Process: IT Support, HR
  • OCR Document Solution

Digital Technology

  • AI Chatbot for Operation and Customer App
  • Customer 360 View
  • Car Insurance Analytics
  • Fleet Management, Better Cash Flow Management
  • Customer Acquisition Recommendation for Online Users

Value Proposition

Single Ownership

  • Process ownership
  • Accountability for quality and compliance to clients' SLAs
  • Global delivery capabilities

Scalable Model

  • Ability to scale to cater volume increase within processes
  • Ability to add new processes to the model
  • Breadth of skills and language abilities

Speed to Market

  • Bench strength in factory to cater to fast ramp needs
  • Pooled resources model to maximize utilization and handle additional volume
  • Benchmark and deliver 10-15% improvement in speed of execution

Cost Reduction

  • Best shore to deliver best of quality and cost
  • Cost reduction in year 1 due to labor arbitrage
  • Cost reduction in year 2 through automation
Mortgage processing automation graphic

Mortgage Processing Automation As A Service (MPAS)

There are many data entry tasks and manual processes involved in originating a new mortgage that can be optimized through robotic process automation (RPA) such as digitizing loan applications and income forms. More complex tasks, such as decision-making and fraud detection, can also be automated and streamlined using additional artificial intelligence (AI) features.

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