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Data & Advanced Analytics

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Data in the Digital Era

In this digital era, data has been widely recognized as the new oil for an organization's business transformation engine. Only by harnessing the power of data analytics can organizations stay on top and respond to changes in a robust business environment. FPT provides services for every step of your data journey, no matter how mature it is, to help you gain fast access to actionable insights and yield maximal business value.

FPT's Analytics offerings cover every aspect of a data strategy, including how to structure, operate, analyse, monetize and secure data to facilitate better decision-making and accelerate business performance. Combining technologies with industry-specific consulting, FPT also ensures that data is used to its full potential as the most valuable asset of a business

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Navigating Project To Success

FPT Software's Data & Analytics delivers advanced technology solutions that turn data into actionable insights for operational needs and decision making. Businesses on the path to becoming data-centered can leverage FPT Software's Data Analytics ecosystem to uncover hidden patterns, correlations, and values.

What We Do


Advisory & Consulting

  • Analytics Strategy & Use Cases
  • Capability Assessment
  • Analytics Roadmap, Organization, Budget
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Data Operations

  • Data Processing​
  • Metadata Management​
  • Data Consolidation
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Data Analytics

  • Descriptive Analytics​
  • Diagnosis Analytics​
  • Predictive Analytics​
  • Prescriptive Analytics​
  • Data Visualization Machine Learning​
  • Deep Learning

Data Monetization

Bespoke Analytics Applications to help businesses:
  • Improve Customer Experience​
  • Achieve Operational Excellence​
  • Reinvent Business Models and Generate New Revenues

Data Security

Assisting businesses in safeguarding their data through the compliances of:

  • Data Protection Trustmark
  • GDPR


Data Analytics Platform: akami

  • A comprehensive data container platform
  • Deploy both monolithic and cloud-native applications on any infrastructure
  • Support AI/ML, Analytics, IoT and CI/CD
  • Velocity, Flexibility, Cost-efficiency

Our Team

"We believe that harnessing the power of data is not a black box full of mystery. Through years of providing data analytics services to our customers, we've come to realize that successful projects share three common elements from an organizational viewpoint: commitment, clearly defined goals, and room for failure"

- Mr. Tran Duc Tri Quang
Data Solution Consultant Worldwide Innovation Center, FPT Software

How We Can Help

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End-to-end service following our full circle development & integration process
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Fast access to actionable insight, leveraging our world class research output
24/7 deployment support thanks to global network

Harness The Power Of Data For Social Good

The usage of data is not limited to the business realm. FPT has been working on various Data Analytics projects to help to build a better and greener world.

Our Success Stories

Apromore and FPT Software Partner to Accelerate Process Mining Adoption

FPT Teams up with Digital Leader Halliburton to Accelerate Transformation in Oil & Gas Industry

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